Reliable Parts

Reliable Parts was initially a small company established way back in 1933. It has, since then, evolved into one of America’s biggest and most reliable appliance and BBQ parts distributors. One of the most admired traits of the company is the young staff members that it has, despite being a matured and well-established company. This is the reason why Reliable Parts is always excited to face its future, and customers, with great enthusiasm.

Reliable Parts

The US market is mainly served by a Head Office and Distribution Center in the area of Tukwila in Washington, which is on the southern part of Seattle. There are likewise a number of branches to be found in the West Coast. On the other hand, the Canadian market is served by its head and distribution offices in Coquitlam, British Columbia, an area near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Reliable Parts, likewise, have branches that are located in a number of major cities across the Canadian expanse. Regional appliance part distribution centers are present to ensure prompt and fast delivery of orders in the country. All branches, both in the US and Canada, are located strategically for great convenience of the customers. Many contain showrooms which are meant to display in-demand appliance parts, as well as accessory items.

Reliable Parts is known to be an innovative company when it comes to merchandising and computer programming initiatives for their dealers and sellers. It is continually striving to improve in its overall efficiency in various business methods; this helps the company to maintain its competitive edge without even compromising its excellent customer service. Reliable Parts have received quite a number of awards on excellent service provided to its customers over the years. One of the most popular achievements that the company is truly proud of is its recognitions from Arthur Anderson and the major publication, Financial Post. They have given the distinction to Reliable Parts of being Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies.

Though the years, the company aspires for greatness in its business commitments and endeavors. For most of its accessory and product suppliers, it consistently represent an alternative option for distribution; this is by reaching customers who are not reached by traditional distributors, like in the area of electrical, automotive, industrial, plumbing and hardware. Reliable Parts is definitely unique; this is because a part of its customer base is actually direct to retail. An example of this is the do-it-yourself retail market. Currently, the biggest portion of its sales is wholesale given to the servicing dealers. Such dealers stock on their supplies and resell Reliable Parts products to many customers, particularly those who go to these dealers’ shops for the products, or services needed to fix their appliances.

Indeed, when it comes to Reliable Parts, people are sure to enjoy full access to a great variety of affordable merchandise.  All orders from customers are shipped to them on the same day. This is because distributions are placed in strategic locations, making it possible for customers to be near to a Reliable Parts branch. As it is, such is part of the excellent service that the company strives to offer to all its customers.